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Thomas Balkizas,
EMEA Healthcare and Life Sciences Segment Lead of AWS
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Guy Vinograd,
Co-Founder & CTO of BioT

In March 2020, following the COVID-19 outbreak, the FDA defined a new policy to accelerate the availability of remote patient monitoring devices: “Modified use of remote patient monitoring devices may increase access to patient physiological data without the need for in-clinic visits…”
However, launching a cloud-based, remote patient monitoring solution is not a simple task, with challenges covering cybersecurity, privacy compliance, patient-device adherence management, and many more.

Listen to our webinar to learn how to accelerate the development of connected medical IoT solutions and to utilize data generated on a medical device for improving patient outcomes. We will specifically focus on COVID-19 challenges and opportunities.

The session is intended for product managers and software architects and will encourage active participation by the attendees.

Over the course of this webinar, you will have the chance to learn about:

  • Architecting a cloud-based, medical IoT solution
  • Patient adherence management
  • Ensuring HIPAA & GDPR compliance
  • AWS Cloud Services, benefits, and AWS support for healthcare
  • Analyzing medical data in the cloud
  • Progress in moving hospital clinical workloads to the cloud

The session is intended for product managers and software architects.


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