Hanan Dobriner,
Global Business Development Director, BioT Medical
Bernhard Kappe,
Founder & President, Orthogonal
Seth Blumenthal,,
Director, American Medical Association (AMA)
Sarah Bottjen
Sarah Bottjen,
Director, Virtual Care, Redox
Scott Thiel,
Global Head of Regulatory Policy & Intelligence, Hologic
Elizabeth Sieck,
Consultant, BioT Medical

In the past medical devices have stood apart from clinical records, with limited bi-directional interaction.  While some aggregated data or limited updates from medical devices may be entered into a patient’s EHR, the linkage was limited. The advent of distributed medical devices as part of the IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) is creating new opportunities for EHR integration for medical devices. 

In this webinar on-demand you will learn:

  • Why it is becoming easier to connect medical devices to the larger ecosystem of healthcare data and to break down existing silos.
  • What new clinical opportunities are created by these linkages
  • Why healthcare data interoperability continues to be a major challenge on any front 
  • How to overcome the challenge of scaling up the integration of these solutions so that one provider system can integrate with many digital health tools 
  • What options exist for device manufacturers looking to integrate their devices easily


Join us for an overview of this broad, but important topic, and examine some of the key challenges both from the point of view of medical device manufacturers and of provider systems attempting to incorporate these tools into their care delivery.

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