Daniel Valens
Daniel Adler,
CEO & Co-Founder, BioT
Bernhard Kappe ,
Founder & President Orthogonal

BioT Medical & Orthogonal partner to provide expert opinion and discuss the new frontiers of medical device connectivity in an exclusive webinar powered by MedTech Intelligence.

Connectivity of medical devices to the cloud is becoming a reality and poses many challenges for device manufacturers. In this webinar, we shall discuss how device manufacturers can address the connectivity challenge and turn it into an opportunity by going beyond connectivity to create direct-to-consumer personalized connected care solutions that directly impact the perceived reported outcome of the treatment. We shall address considerations around building such a connected care solution and how to achieve it in a short timeframe.

This webinar will highlight:

  • Key elements of a connected care system
  • Considerations around building a connected care solution
  • Reducing costs and time to build using a no-code approach
  • Creating personalized patient experiences using out-of-the-box tools


Daniel Adler, CEO & Co-Founder, of BioT

Daniel is the CEO & Co-Founder of BioT and has extensive
experience in IT, Internet and telecom. Previously, he was
leading business activities as part of the management team in
leading Israeli high-tech companies in the areas of high-speed
communication, data collection and analysis.

BioT specializes in providing a no-code medical grade and fully
secured cloud-based, connected care platform, which allows to
dramatically shorten the time it takes to transform medical
devices into a fully compliant and cyber secured connected care
solution - from years to a few days.


Bernhard Kappe , Founder & President Orthogonal

As founder and president of Orthogonal, Bernhard applies lean startup
principles, design thinking, and Agile development to launch successful
products for healthcare. As a product of the Chicago-tech industry, he has a passion for launching successful software that makes a difference in the world and helping companies deliver more from their innovation pipelines.
He leads the Chicago Lean Startup Circle, the Chicago Product Management Association (ChiPMA), and the Chicago Lean Startup
Challenge, the top startup competition based on lean startup principles.



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