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Guy Vinograd,
CTO & Co-Founder, BioT Medical

An emerging generation of medical devices is upon us. They were born for patient use but unexpectedly perform functions traditionally done by point of care and even lab devices that are much bigger and cost tenfold. Examples include blood-in-stool diagnostics using a camera installed in the toilet, virus diagnostics using a compact home spectrometer, a heart implant measuring left atrium pressure which replaces a catheterization diagnostics, and more. 

The 'secret' of these devices is a new architecture. Their hardware is composed of just sensors where the rest of their functionality is executed on the cloud.

We call this new architecture a “cloud-native medical device”. Let’s explore its details.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What a cloud-native medical device is and the role of the cloud in the architecture
  • Why this architecture is a game-changer in terms of device costs, overall quality, and product innovation speed
  • New patient outcomes enabled by cloud-native medical devices
  • Maintaining privacy, cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance in a cloud-native medical device
  • Neteera 130 case study - A cloud-native medical device for contactless remote patient monitoring


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