Flair Bar,
Co-Founder & COO, Sternum
Alan Minsk photo
Alan Minsk,
Partner and Lead of Food & Drug Practice Team, Arnall Golden Gregory LLP
Alex Smith
Alex Smith,
Director of Regulatory Science, Hogan Lovells LLP
Daniel Adler,
Co-Founder & CEO, BioT

The landscape of medical device cybersecurity has undergone a game-changing transformation with the FDA's updated 2023 guidelines, seamlessly integrating both medical device and cloud computing aspects. In this webinar, specifically designed for R&D, cyber, and DevSecOps professionals building and maintaining medical devices, BioT, Sternum, and Arnall Golden Gregory will unravel these pivotal updates. Our expert panel will dissect the intricacies of the new guidelines, focusing on the dual importance of device security and cloud-based data management.

The webinar will explore key areas such as threat modeling for interconnected devices, cybersecurity risk assessment in cloud environments, interoperability considerations, management of third-party software components, and the development of comprehensive Software Bills of Materials (SBOM). Key discussions will include safeguarding patient data in the cloud, ensuring secure data transmission between devices and cloud platforms, and navigating the broader evolving regulatory framework for cloud-enabled medical devices.

Register now for this insightful webinar to be part of a forward-thinking community eager to master the future of medical device cybersecurity in the cloud era.

Key Takeaways:

  • Developers of device and cloud software: Learn how to align your system's design with the FDA's 2023 cybersecurity guidelines, focusing on secure architecture, cloud integration, and effective SBOMs management.
  • DevSecOps: Learn how to continuously monitor your device and cloud system, and their software code, for meeting the FDA guidelines
  • Product Managers, QA/RA, IT Experts: Gain insights into critical considerations like differentiating between safety and security risk management, the importance of integrated security processes, threat modeling, and comprehensive cybersecurity testing.

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